LG Display to show off transparent and flexible OLEDs at CES

We can always expect LG Display to have some new and innovative products at CES, and next week’s 2022 show won’t be any different. The company will be showcasing several transparent and flexible screens during the event, including the dual-display OLED Shelf.

The display panel manufacturer has announced that it will introduce its new transparent OLED solutions at CES 2022. The highlight will be the OLED Shelf, which combines two 55-inch transparent displays, one on top of the other, along with a shelf on the top unit, hence the name.

The idea behind the OLED Shelf is to show two different types of content on each screen simultaneously, such as a movie and a piece of art. As with some other modern televisions, there’s an Always-on Display Mode, and being transparent means you could show off a physical painting behind a screen when it’s turned off.

The Verge notes that LG has created a sheet of opaque material that rolls down like a projector to make images on transparent screens look less ghostly, which they often do.

LG Display will also be unveiling several enterprise-aimed transparent screens. The Shopping Managing Showcase is designed to be placed in front of in-store goods. This creates an experience in which content—graphics, prices, etc.—relating to the items behind can be displayed in an almost AR-like fashion.

A similar product called Show Window will be at CES. As the name suggests, this is a transparent display for shop windows, made up of four 55-inch transparent OLEDs. Versions of this tech are already on display at the new Musinsa fashion store in Seoul, art exhibitions at The Smithsonian and at 180 The Strand in London, inside some subway car windows in China and Japan, and a Bulgari fashion show.

There’s also a version of Show Window designed for office video conferences and presentations.

LG Display will unveil two flexible OLEDs at CES, too. The Media Chair is a reclining unit with an integrated 55-inch OLED TV featuring a 1,500R curvature and Cinematic Sound technology, producing audio through in-screen vibrations rather than external speakers. There’s also an armrest touchscreen control panel for pivoting the screen between portrait and landscape orientations.

Finally, fitness fans may appreciate the Virtual Ride. It combines three 55-inch OLEDs and places them in front of a stationary bike. The screens reach a curve of 500R, which LG says is the biggest among large displays, allowing a deep level of immersion.

These are just concepts, so there’s no guarantee they’ll all eventually become real-world products. Now we just have to wait and see if CES 2022 goes ahead as an in-person event, given that so many companies have dropped out.